Free Online horror novel

Book four in the WZF series.





  1.  Alone
  2. Rotelle House
  3. Supper
  4. Shopping
  5. Departure
  6. Alicia
  7. Injection

33 thoughts on “Fracture

  1. I love your books and cannot wait to read more about the Tookes family! I got the first book on one of your free days and read it in a couple of hours. Definitely could not put it down! I immediately went and bought the other two and just finished reading the chapters you have posted here for us to enjoy. I love a good zombie story and your plot has kept me anxiously waiting for more!

  2. ive spent the last 5 days buried in your writings so hurry up lol I’m not ready to join the living. great work!

  3. Have found myself wrapped fully into the world as it has become. Even gone so far as to imagine a lot of “what would I have done” in the various circumstances faced.

    Thank you for an amazing read!

  4. I LOVE your books! They keep me entertained and I feel as if I could read them all over again and love them just as much! I can not wait until you are finished with your this book because I have read all of the chapters and I am completely hooked! I cannot wait to read what will happen next and I am hoping that Leo pops in with them in just the nick of time to help save everyone! Thank you for writing such great Zombie books.. I am telling all of my friends who like Zombie books to check out these ones also!

  5. Ok, i started reading book one on friday and am completely hooked! I’ll be checking back often for more chapters! Great books can’t wait to read more!

  6. I got your first book on Amazon for the kindle. It’s only the second zombie book Ive ever read and now I’m hooked! I traveled across country with my BF and read the books out loud to pass the time. It’s completely hilarious to me that my guy would ask me “why aren’t you reading?, and hurry up and download the next books”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him read a book, but we both got drawn into the story and can’t wait for the next installment.

      • They read out loud really well. I will say the only negetive I can even think of is in the proof reading maybe, some of the words were wrong (like of instead of on or the words were run together), but nothing that kept us from understanding what was going on or kept us from getting all the books available. I also left a message on Amazon 5 stars now hurry up and finish the next 20 or so books! lol

  7. Love the stories, keep um comin! Very few zombie stories stick with me (and i’ve read hundreds) but you def have a really good one here. Will you be adding fracture to smashwords?

    • I will. I have abotu 2 more weeks of writing in Fracture, then about 2 weeks for it to go through both editors, then it’ll be up on amazon, barnes and noble, and smashwords. I’m so happy that you like the stories, it really means a lot to hear that 🙂

  8. After chapter 7: Injection I keep getting ” Error 404 – Not Found

    Please use the links or the search feature in the sidebar to find your way back to the real content! Thank you!”

    I hope this is not intentional, I love reading your books and can’t wait to see what’s next

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