Skull and Sword, a new novel from the best selling author Kirk Allmond is a pirate themed adventure set in The Straight, a two hundred mile stretch of ocean between two major continents.  Inside the straight, five islands, each held by a pirate lord are in constant battle with each other as well as the three kingdoms on either side.

The current runs strong in the straight, the Indreth ocean to the south drains into the Androth ocean to the north through this tiny stretch, but that is nothing compared to the political currents that flow between the tiny island nations.  No man is an island, they say, but in The Straight, it’s the island that makes the man.

Passion, thievery, political intrigue, and plunder await you.

Sword and Skull


1 Arian Tilwin
2. Rock Tail Keep
3. A Traitor in Rock Tail
4. Into the Straight
5. Gorim Jorham


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