What Zombies Fear

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What Zombies Fear A Father's Quest

1. A Father’s Quest

When Victor Tookes went to work that beautiful spring day, he never expected to see a man eaten alive in the street in front of his office. After convincing himself that they really were zombies, he makes a trip from his house in Pennsylvania to his family home in Virginia, battling zombies all the way. His three and a half year old son was bitten on the leg, but doesn’t turn into a zombie. Instead, he turns into something more than human.

Victor quickly discovers that everything he knew about zombies was wrong. Not all of them were mindless, uncoordinated, rotting ghouls; some of them were bigger, faster, stronger or smarter than when they were human.

A small percentage of humans are genetically immune to the parasite. Instead of turning these humans into mindless shamblers, they gain enhanced abilities. These new abilities will be pushed to their limits in their quest to carve out a safe haven to call home.

Reviews from Amazon:

Can’t wait to pick up a copy of the next book! ”Dustin Palmer  |  32 reviewers made a similar statement
I finished several chapters my first time I started reading it. ”Squeez  |  25 reviewers made a similar statement
The Sequel to the smash hit What Zombies Fear: A Father's Quest

2. The Maxists

This is the second book in the “What Zombies Fear” series. Victor Tookes and his family are still struggling to survive after a parasite that turns people into zombies wipes out civilization. After reaching the relative safety of the family home in Virginia, the danger only intensifies. Zombies still stalk their every move but now Victor and his friends have another threat to deal with – a rogue military unit whose commander wants Victor’s son, and the rise of a new cult, The Maxists.

Reviews from Amazon:
The story continues and keeps up the intrigue. ”Veronica L. Smith  |  5 reviewers made a similar statement
I cannot wait to get reading on the third book to see what happens to Max. ”Kathy King  |  5 reviewers made a similar statement
I got the first book free through Kindle Fire and read it in one day. ”lost_cali_girl  |  4 reviewers made a similar statement
Kirk Allmond's 3rd novel What Zombies Fear: The Gathering

3. The Gathering

In this epic third installment of What Zombies Fear, Victor Tookes is no longer content to sit back and watch the world go to the hell. “The Gathering” starts Victor’s quest to rid the planet of the zombie plague once and for all. The first step of the plan is to build a team capable of carrying out the impossible. The heroes make an emergency trip to Charlotte, fighting zombies and raiders every step of the way. Once they get back to Virginia, Victor, Marshall, and John build a train designed to be unstoppable, a train that can carry them all the way to southern California and back. And yet with each stop they make, the areas are too quiet. Where have all the zombies gone?
Reviews from Amazon:
Anxiously awaiting the next!! ”Valsie  |  4 reviewers made a similar statement
I like how there is more to the story than the normal zombie core books. ”Lara  |  5 reviewers made a similar statement
The 5th book in the What Zombies Fear Series, Fracture

4. Fracture

Fracture picks up exactly where The Gathering left off. Tookes and crew continue their trek across country, encountering old enemies and new. The trip takes everything the heroes can muster as they struggle to overcome the depths of human depravity and make it to California in time to save John’s family.
Reviews from Amazon:
Each book gets better as they go. ”Veronica L. Smith  |  6 reviewers made a similar statement
I read this book in one sitting I just couldn’t put it down. ”Oregongirl84  |  5 reviewers made a similar statement
The cover of Kirk Allmond's 5th book What Zombies Fear: Declaration of War

5. Declaration of War

Declaration of War picks up right where Fracture left off.   John’s family is reunited with him, and to Victor’s dismay, he decides to stay in Yuma.  Victor stays to help John fortify his town, and discovers something deeply troubling in the basement of one of the houses.  things go from bad to worse when he runs into Drake in town, and decides that if he’s going to take on the zombies without the help of his friends, he’s going to have to do something drastic.

Available now!  Click here to purchase on Amazon.com



What Zombies Fear book 6 The Incarnation

6. The Incarnation


The final book in the saga, “The Incarnation” starts March 3rd, 2013!











Other books by Kirk Allmond and Laura Bretz:

Short Story: The Farmer's Daughter

Short Story: The Farmer’s Daughter

This is a short story (About 35 pages) set in the What Zombies Fear universe. It is a stand-alone adventure, you need not have read that series of books, although a reader unfamiliar with that universe may have to take some things at face value, there are no important spoilers in this short.

It’s been two and a half years since the parasite wiped out most of humanity. With the E’clei queen destroyed, the super zombies left on the planet have started their own individual armies and are still bent on wiping out the human race.

Victor Tookes heads to the local farm store where he meets a girl who’s been surviving on her own, only to watch her abduction at the hand of one of those super-zombies who happens to have a taste for blondes.

Victor once again goes to war in an attempt to rescue the girl before she is eaten.

By karenmhayward

A wonderful short that stands alone yet in conjunction with the WZF series. Leaves you wanting more. Great to see victor back and can’t wait for more!
By Crystal913

This is a well written short story in WZF land. I’m very pleased with how it ends. Can’t wait to read whatever’s next from Kirk.

By Bob
A good way to check out the What Zombies Fear Series without investing a lot of time. You won’t be sorry. Anxiously awaiting new book!
Laura Bretz' first solo writing project

The Book of Kris

Laura’s solo project:

The Book of Kris is the story of Kris, before she encountered Victor Tookes.  Laura doesn’t update often, but when the mood strikes her, the writing is beautiful, and vastly different than What Zombies Fear, while being set in the same universe.

Thumbnail of www.whatzombiesfear.com

102 thoughts on “What Zombies Fear

  1. I liked the shorter chapters better. Seemed like my eyes hurt less reading them Dunno. Thanks for making me famous!

    • I like the different types of chapters, the action pact ventures are quick allowing me to fill in the gaps in my mind as I read them. The longer chapters I’ve found are the ones that need the in depth descriptions.

      Though each reader and author has their own preferences when it comes to telling the story in their head, the story is defined by it’s contents.

      Keep it up Tookes.

  2. Everyone has their own personal writing styles. This shows on length of Chapters, how many side stories are taking place at one time within the main storyline, and how many inclines you find yourself adventuring.

    I do not think the chapter size is the problem at all. I have seen far worse.

    • Reading online or even just on a computer is harder for me. I prefer books, so that’s why I made the comment about the chapter length. This story is awesome and I’ve gotten a bunch of people to read it!

      • That is where technology can help you further. You do not need to read it on the computer. You can choose to print it out to read. This is open source writing. He is allowing you the oppertunity to read, share, and add to his minds eye. What you choose to do with it is completely up to you, so long as you are not infringing his creative rights.

    • I can’t print it. My comment was saying that i like the shorter chapters for reading better, not the content. I’m not “infringing his creative rights” , just commenting.

      • You misinterpreted my last comment. I stated you may do what you will with the story as long as you are not infringing his rights. He posts the story openly on a blog to broadcast his creativity and share his art. You may print it if you needed to in order to better enjoy the story at your leisure, or to refrain from causing suffering for reading from a computer monitor.

        I am not accusing you of doing anything. I am simply subjecting you to discussion of alternative measures you, as the reader, could pursue in order for it to be less tasking on you. Less task equals more pleasure.

        If you can’t print it, then don’t print it. I can understand how shorter chapters may be better for some, however to most novel standards, these chapters are small to small/medium in comparison.

  3. One of the benefits of it being a blog is that I don’t have to follow any rules. I could make 6000 word chapters and update weekly, or,1000 word updates daily. I chose more frequent updates.

    • True, however there are no rules to begin with. Only standards created by statistical examples. By all means, you could post a paragraph a day and still be able to tell the story, just matters on how well you execute those paragraphs that keeps people visiting every day.

      • Agree with ‘it’ here.

        The length of each chapter won’t matter as long as the writing is excellent. And it is. Every time.

  4. Came here from a link at Adrians undead diary , glad I did .. really enjoying the story , clever twist with the smart zeds and the people come across as real characters I’m very interested in how this turns out and will be back to find out..
    keep up the good work..thanks Killswitch..

  5. I read your announcement about that Kindle book. But we don’t have kindle in our country.

    Is there a way to pay for the book (in PDF/HTML/TXT format) via paypal instead? Checking your site 3x a day isn’t healthy. (And the cliffhangers after every chapter is also not healthy..)

    • I’m working on making it available on smashwords, which will allow you to purchase it for reading on your PC.

      Thanks a ton for your interest and support through this Mary, You’ve been one of my most active commenter, and I appreciate that you take the time to leave feedback.

      • Smashwords will be great too. I already have an account there when I bought the ctales ebook. 🙂 It’s a bit difficult to find zombie fiction that isn’t all sparkly vampires and werewolf-related and is written by someone who obviously knows his stuff. I’m really glad I found this small ring of sites (AUD, ctales, and WZF)

        i’mgonnamarathontookesstoryi’mgonnamarathontookesstoryi’mgonnamarathontookesstory can’t wait! Thanks for thinking about your other readers!

  6. I see you’ve been busy expanding on the WZF universe. 😀

    New perspectives, locations, and groups of survivors? I’ll eat em up like a zombie on brains. *omnomnom* Thanks!

  7. Thanks for this great zombie story! I really appreciate this. I actually let my husband have a look and he posted a link to it on his blog 🙂

  8. I see that you are developing characters for the movie. I have a suggestion for John “the Aussie”. Jason Stratham would be a good choice.
    He is definately an action hero and would fit Jonh to a T, in my humble opinion.
    BTW great book, but why do you hate Glocks so much? LOL

    • Jason Stratham is British mate… That’s like calling an American citizen a Candian. The bloke has too thick of an accent to change and would sound weird trying to pronounce the aussie-isms and slang. He’s more of a hand to hand guy, where as I prefer the guns.

      I’m going to have to nominate Sam Worthington or Ryan Kwanten.

      As a side note, I have an OCD where I can’t leave a book unfinished. When I attempted to read World War Z by M. Brooks, my OCD went “Screw this, I’m changing the rules” and I couldn’t get past chapter 2.

      Funny you should mention Mila for Leo – http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/1655741/mila-kunis-zombie-01/

      Glocks?? I love anything that launches a projectile… There are no ugly guns, just ugly shots… repeatedly…

  9. I almost forgot, I found this book as a suggestion from Amazon as I read at least 5 zombie books a month.
    I also think Mila Kunis could be a good Leo.
    One more question (sorry to be the problem child of the fans) is the childs name “Max” a nod to Max Brooks?

    • Ugh. Now i’m going to have to go back through and change Max’s name! /grin. Its not, I’m not even really a Max Brooks fan, except that he’s kind of the king of zombies right now. We’ll call it respect for his marketing efforts.

      Great to know you found the book and liked it! Thanks!

      As for hating glocks, I really don’t.. Its just a character quirk of Tookes. Somewhere after he got to the farm he says that he thinks they’re ugly, but John loves them 🙂

      • ha! thanks for the reply and that is funny about Mila.
        I like the Max Brooks books but I like the way you have changed the rules with little Max as well as the other “immune” characters. I was wondering if there was going to be a new break in the mindless zombies vs. the underprepared humans. Great twist!
        As for Jason Stratham playing John, I know the difference between British and Aussie accents. I was in the Army, and worked with Brits and Aussies. I thought Stratham could pull it off like Colin Ferrel pulls off an American accent over his own. Just a thought.

    • [quote] I also think Mila Kunis could be a good Leo.

      *eyes you evily* NO! lol
      I vote Daniela Ruah
      If Mila Kunis plays Leo…I’d have to get paid to watch it..lol 😛

      • I would have to say that Angelina Jolie would be a decent Leo.
        As for John, I’d have to agree with Jason Statham for John.Tookes,bah, who cares about tookes? Just kidding. I have no clue.

  10. Hello, I wanted to purchase your book but I clicked the link for the Barnes and Noble Store but it said the page couldn’t be found. Is there any other way to purchase it?

    • At the moment, the book is exclusive to Kindle.

      The good news is, for the next five days, 12/11/2011 – 12/16-2011 the book is free.

      You can download the Kindle for PC program, or the kindle app for any smartphone for free as well.

      Thanks for your comment, i’m glad you’ve enjoyed the story!

  11. I recently purchased your book for my kindle and noticed that it had a few spelling errors, it didn’t distract me from the story at all shockingly enough. Haven’t read it fully but so far it’s pretty good!

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the book! I apologize for any spelling errors, if you’d like you can send an email with any errors you’ve noticed to me at (victortookes at gmail dot com)

  12. I’ve been waiting for the third book to be released on kindle. I hope it’s released soon because I really enjoyed the first two! 🙂

  13. Victor,

    Thanks for visiting and liking my blog! There is a lot of content here and I’m definitely going to be checking it out! I mean… Fiction and Zombies! What more does a guy need?

    I’ve got a few other friends that love to read as well and I’ll refer them over to your blog for a check out! I don’t know if you plan on following my blog or just caught your attention with the “zombies” keyword, but that flagship game is definitely going to have “Zombie” NPCs in it.

    I hope you’ll stay tuned and I shall return here to read some 😀

    R DePhillip

  14. Hello friend,

    Thanks for liking my post ,,,,,great stuff here,,,I’m pretty sure I’ll be back..



  15. I bought all three books off of amazon and have read them all including what’s available of the rough draft of fracture. I love these books I can’t stop reading once I start. You’ve truly got something great here and I can’t wait for the arrival of every new chapter, please continue the good work. Also if you have any advice for an aspiring writer please feel free to email me. My family loves my work but I can’t ever seem to finish a story. I seem to criticize my own work and never feel like its good enough. So please any advice would be great, and like I said thanks for the awesome read.

  16. Totally unfair making the first volume free on Kindle! Now I’m hooked. Thank goodness the rest are inexpensive because I would pay full price and then my wife would be mad at me.

  17. Hi, Im so happy to have found this website. I am a huge Zombie book fan and have read about 80 books so far and I just finished WZF. I LOVE IT! Best book I have read so far! I literally did not want to put this story down. Im so happy to see more books in the series. Keep them coming 🙂 Thanks for creating such wonderful characters, that I really cared about. Tonight I start on book 2. Thank you.

  18. Awesome book I just finished the first one!! Normally not a zombie fan but this one held my attention and I finished it in a day, can’t wait to start book 2.

  19. just got into these books from a recomendation on amazon and have now bought the first three on kindle will the forth be available for kindle as i use mine a lot. These are the best books i have ever read bar none and carnt wait to start the forth

    • The fourth is looking like mid June for a release date. I hope you’ll leave that same review on amazon! Thank you so much for reading, I’m always excited to hear from readers who like the series.

  20. Thankyou for you quick reply what a change to talk to an author who has time and cares for his readers. I have posted feed back on amazon under taz508 please read it as I mean every word and will be waiting on edge for the release of your forth book in june. Please continue with these books they are absolutly brillient

  21. Got the first book on a whim off my Kindle – started slow and alittle confusing, but was well worth it once I got into the swing of the story. By the time it finished I had so many unanswered questions, I went and found the next (2) books on amazon. Can’t wait to start on them and now I see another book coming 🙂 Can’t wait!

  22. I got the book for Kindle as well, and like srlazria, I thought it started a little slow. However, I began to realize it was stage setting and ended up being a great read! However, I did not like the way the last chapter ended. Without posting spoilers, it just seemed too easy. Don’t think that is going to stop me from getting the next book though! Keep up the great work!


  23. I read the first What Zombies Fear book for free on my Kindle and then bought the next two. I enjoyed the books and looked at the fourth on your web page. My poor old eyes are really strained after looking there. Could you please use a lighter colored background and a thicker type face?

    • Unfortunatly, my background and typeface choices are severely limited by wordpress (the host of the page). However, if you hold the control button and roll your mouse-wheel up, you can increase the typeface in your browser, I hope that helps

      Thank you so much for your comment, I’m so glad you enjoyed my novels!

      • That worked! Didn’t know you could do that. I’ve read all the way to chapter 25. For some reason I felt one of the earlier chapters was out of order. What happened to the train?

  24. These books were DELICIOUS..Absolutely loved them I couldn’t stop tip I finished them all. I will be replying on Amazon the same this needs to be made for Tv I would definitely watch it..

  25. I really enjoyed WZF, it seemed well edited and the plot was great. I’m reading part 2 (Maxists) and the errors that should be caught by editing are showing up all the time, little ones, big ones. One funny one is “Both of the small SUV’s had wenches on their modified front bumpers.” While a nice wench is handy, it’s not a replacement for a winch, which is what they used.
    “Every head in the auditorium turned, twisting unnaturally to look at the sound of the . When they saw me,” The sound of a period?
    I’m not going to point them out, but winches and wenches really got annoying because it happened every time the word was used in that section.

    Please don’t sacrifice spelling, accuracy and editing for the speed of churning out another book. I’m almost done with book 2 and hope that when I find time to read book 3 it’s edited more like book 1.

    Please don’t take this as bashing your work. I enjoyed it enough to buy and read the second one, I’m just offering some constructive comments.

    • I totally understand. When I published the first book, I expected to sell 10 copies. I never, ever expected someone I didn’t know to buy it. Suddenly, it was selling like crazy. So, I hired an editor to work on the first and second books. I spent every dollar I made in the first 3 months to have them edited. And he did a terrible job. So, 2 months later, I hired another editor. At that time, book 3 was coming out, and I had the new editor do that one first. Then, earlier this month, I had her go over the first book again. As we speak she’s almost done with book 2.

      Its confusing and a long story (there is more to it), but basically, book one has been edited 3 times. The Gathering twice, and The Maxists once, by the first terrible editor who ripped me off. Almost every penny I’ve made from book sales has gone into better editing and cover art.

  26. I just read the first two books on my iPad! I read em in three days. I love them! I can’t wait for the next! I can’t get the rest on I tunes for some reason so I am goona have to use my cell phone and use amazon. I much rather use I tunes, it’s easier to read on my iPad, but I love the books so much, I have to read more! I haven’t slept much the past few nights because that’s the only time I can read. I’m a stay at home mom of six and I am gonna have to get ahold of my addiction to your books so I’m not so tired in the day. My kids range from 18 years to 11 months, I need my sleep. Lol I just cannot stop reading. My husband has started to miss me these last few nights also. I’m telling you all this so you understand just how much I love your books. The characters are so real, I want to keep finding out what’s happening and what’s going to happen. I read every zombie book I can get my hands on, and yours are by far, the best!

  27. Just finished reading the first book (bought it on Amazon) and had to but the second one right away. So far I am loving the series although I am not generally a fan of the zombie genre.
    Keep up the good work and I will keep buying them so you can.

  28. Hi its me again sorry to be a right royal pain in the you know what but do you have any idea when your 4th book will be available on amazon as i was hoping to read it while im on holiday in august (well there is only so much mickey mouse you can take)

  29. Tookes,

    This book was fantastic. I’m a huge zombie apocalypse guy so had to pick this book up when I found it. I had always considered the idea of “not every disease is fatal to everybody.” Your idea of “immunes” and “supers” was perfect. I will be picking up “The Maxists” momentarily to continue the adventure.

    Thank you so much for the enjoyable read.

  30. Just finished reading book 4 and loved it (although wish it was a bit longer) but that’s just because I want to find out what’s going to happen to everyone, lol, but how can [spoiler removed], slightly confused and looking forward to how its explained!!!
    Must say I have read alot of zombie books recently and yours are one the best out there, I really like how much I seem to invest in the characters and find myself caring about what happens to them all!! Cant wait for book 5 but in the meantime im off to re read them from the begining.

    • One of the drawbacks to writing the way I do is that it’s very very hard to go backwards and change something that I’ve already written. There is an updated book 1 now where the epilogue does not mention Leo.

      When I wrote the first book, I never expected to write the entire series, so as the series developed some things had to change from the first book.

  31. Tookes, I’m gonna have to root for the super zombies now that I know about [spoiler removed]. Still love the books, though.

  32. Was sitting on the beach in turkey and downloaded all three books to my kindle as I was hooked after the first chapter in book one. Love your writing style it is punchy and cuts to the chase immediately. Some writers waffle on and take 300 pages to say what could be written in 50. I also love that its a mixture of zombie and superhero. My only critisism is that im desperate to read the fourth book and it is not available on my kindle yet. Also all my family and friends are now reading the books and love them as much as i did.

  33. Oh my gosh I downloaded all the available books after reading the first one and I immidietly fell in love with the story! Then I couldn’t help but continue to read here! This story is awesome! I love all the characters but my favourite is Leo. (Spoiler removed) Anyway, thanks for bringing all the characters to life in this zombie adventure! Now hurry up with the next update! =D

  34. I’m amazed I don’t see this entire series in the bookstore. This is a great, well told story that deserves a wider audience. Keep up the good work. (Write faster!)

      • Oh! Im sorry. I didn’t realize I added a spoiler in my comment as there is a whole paragraph above from Victoria that speaks of Leo? Anyhow! Really enjoying the latest chapters! Keep going!

  35. Professor Keith said she loved the question about what someone would do with a thousand dollars if there was a coming zombie apocalypse

  36. ok, i’m totally digging your story…only thing is, there are some issues that tend to pull me out of the story. is it a problem with the kindle editor? is there a kindle editor? i am just a simple reader yet some of the mistakes are really distracting. best to you. A

    • Being an indie author, I don’t have the benefit of a whole publishing house with editors on staff. I have a handful of hardworking paid editors that I work with and am always looking for and correcting mistakes. If you happen to find any, please email them to Victortookes at gmail dot com, and I’ll fix them.

      The story as posted on this website is in rough draft form. Most of the time what’s here isn’t even proofread. That’s the price you pay for reading it for free 🙂

  37. aha…i hear ya. i’m not an editor (or even editor smart probably) but i will try to figure out a way to email you the stuff i saw. i actually borrowed the first book from the lenders library and have purchased the others on amazon. kindle books=no page numbers. i do see that you’ve got some stuff above that’s not available on amazon yet so if i can get over reading stuff on my pc i will read that here. anyway, still digging your story. you rock! A.

  38. In your kindle, you’ll see page numbers displayed next to locations when you push the Menu button. Page numbers and locations are only displayed when the Menu button is pushed.

  39. ummm…i have a kindle fire and i definitely am not kindle smart, lol. i’m not sure if i know which is the menu button. i shall attempt to google it now. me<—might not survive the zombie apocalypse and is barely surviving modern day tech. 🙂

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