Introducing Nori

Not often I hesitate, I usually act on instinct. When faced with a whole new scenario that was unexpected, it took me longer to react. I suppose it would anyone being faced by these wannabe comic villains. “Puffing” in and out, strength, speed and some that I couldn’t work out yet.

James stands over 6 foot, 4″ and built like a brick shithouse. He was limp, unconscious and was balanced on his feet by Richard holding his shoulders in his hand. Richard was close to James height but had a much smaller frame in comparison. His pure black eyes burnt through anything he looked at and he was looking at me. I could feel his stare.

I was looking into the eyes of a very good-looking threat. She looked half Jap Geisha crossed with an Aussie Convict. Her face reminded me of an oriental version of Angelina Jolie with puffed lips and seductive eyes. Het tits were a pair of peaches, skinny as, toned legs as long as an emu’s and had no ass.

If she walked into my watering hole three days ago, I would’ve given her a lap around the block. Right now though, it was family that was important. My brother’s family.  Not to forget my “brother from another mother’, James. I was kind of a little too occupied to “go halves in a baby” with Emily at the moment.

Emily held herself like a kitten would her toy. The feline stance, made me chuckle inside and Emily saw the smirk, cocked her head to one side “Richard was saving his bite for someone more feminine, but your friend will now do. Let’s have you join our ranks now”

She looked ready to pounce on me when another puff appeared. “Bloody hell!” I stammered, “How many of you are there?”

The new figure was a young man and he didn’t acknowledge me, which pissed me off. He was short, my shoulder height and he had jet black hair.

“The whole town is now soldiers miss Emily. Well, except this meat. I was coming back for them. I just had a bit of trouble with a bus load.”

“It’s okay Dazza, Sean here is joining us soon and we will have the eastern coast in no time.”

“Miss Emily, his blood smells rotten and so does the new recruit’s. If I might suggest, miss Emily, that I kill them both instead.” He looked to be staring at Richard at the suggestion of killing.

“Poor little Dazza, don’t be jealous boy. You will always be my first” she shined a white smile and licked her lips from one side to another. As her tongue wet from the corner towards me, so did her gaze.

Right time to stab the bitch, running is no longer an option, were my thoughts. As I grabbed the screwdriver from my back pocket, she was kissing already kissing me. Her smell was luring me in with one hand around the back and the other arm wrapped itself across my back.

I couldn’t pull away; she was either too strong or held me there with something unnatural. So I decided to enjoy the moment, not sure why. As her tongue massaged mine I started to get a headache. She let go of me and took a few steps back with a sigh of satisfaction and a look of gratification.

What are you people?” I was starting to let it get to me and I was starting to panic. I was beyond my laidback nature.

My headache quickly turned to a migraine and a felt dizzy, my mind was spinning as well as my sight.

“What… What the hell did you do to me!? It bloody hurts!” I was half yelling and half screaming. The pain was intense, it was nothing I felt before and it all was inside my head. Tears streamed off my cheeks as I tried to control my breathing.

“Water” was all I could say and with that Emily was pouring water down my throat from a bottle. God knows where she got it from. As I finished the last drop of water, I blacked out.

I woke up but held my eyes closed and felt the wheels under me vibrate on the bitumen road. I could hear James telling our story up until he got bitten by Richard and when he stopped I started without skipping a beat and continued on where he left off, eyes still shut tight.

When I finished the rest a new voice continued on. I opened my eyes to see a young indigenous Australian dressed in a typical skeg outfit without the skater shoes.

With his bare feet and dark brown messy hair compared to his clean, pressed shirt and shorts with the smell of expensive cologne. A deliberate look of half skater and half “native”.

“Yeah brudda. Ya passed out ay, like ya never b’en kissed before. I was watchin’ the whole time. I thought you be crazy to be talking to that kadaitcha woman like that. So anyways, I decided it was time to ‘elp out seeming you two were in trouble and were not kadaitcha even after they infected you. So I anyways, I used black fella magic and I…”

“You what?” James interrupted; he was still having a hard time adjusting to Aussie lingo.

“You white fella’s wouldn’t understand, not enough heritage in ya’s. So… and I ran a spear right thru the head of the one called Dazza. That sheila wasn’t happy about that, but she couldn’t see me to do anything.

“The sheila tried to grab you Sean but I kept cutting her hand every time she reached for you or swung at the air trying to hit me. The bloke dropped James which woke him up and they both disappeared. They went a long way off, the thicker the puff of smoke the further kadaitcha travel.

James pondered a moment and queried “Kadaitcha?”

“Aboriginal hitman or executioner mate” I answered.

“Close enough brudda” said the young man.

“Let me get this straight, you turn invisible?” I ask the kid.

“Yeah brudda, them kadaicha mob have no idea where I am.  We, as in my ancestors, battled these kadaitcha many, many years ago.  So we know we can’t change.  So do they.  Bastards nearly wiped out my whole tribe, family from all over gone now.  We split up when we realized that they could find us easier in a group.  I was tracking them to here, kadaitcha don’t teleport often so it was easy for a while.  Then they ‘tacked that town, then you mob.  Everyone they bit turned into more kadaitcha”

“So why aren’t we kadaitcha? We got bit…”

“Dazza said your blood smells bad.  He could smell me too.  He’s the one who killed me family.  He could track us good.  Guess the kadaitcha didn’t expect white blokes to be like us”

“So we can turn invisible too then?”

“Nah brudda, don’t be stupid.  We all different.”

“’Cause we white?”

“Naaaaaah brudda, ‘cause that’s the way it is.  You being white pro’ly means nothing.  You just need to find the heritage in ya.”

“So my ancestors were immune to the kadaitcha?”

“Musta been brudda, how else you not all zombie.”


“Yeah brudda, you need to see the slow ones, they like in the movies and shit.  So where we going?”

“We are going to find my brother’s family mate.  James’ family is all back in The States.  Kinda hard to get there.  So what’s ya name kid?”

“Nori brudda.”

“Dhuwal dhu nha-puy dhawu lakaranhamirr”

“We can talk brudda.”

“Ga dhuwandja rerri ga yolthu ga gurrupan dhuwalanha rerri limurruƞgu?”

“Yo ƞunhanyi ƞayi lakaranal wiyika ƞunhi lakraƞal yäka munatha-wuy yäka gapu-puy ƞanya-dja dhuwan-dja wika ga dirramu ga ƞaytham ga miyalkthu”

“So when the bitch kissed me?”

“That’s it brother” With that he folded his arms relaxed his head and started a soft snore within thirty seconds.

James looked to me “You can speak native? “

“Can’t you back home?” I was referring to his Native American background

“Yeah, but… You know what; I’ll just accept that logic. What did he say?”

“It’s an infection or bacteria, spread by fluid.”

We continued our through the west where people were not yet infected, but they were preparing, buying out corner shops that were not already boarded up alongside houses.  No looting or panic, yet.  A just person doing what they do during any disaster and this is why I love the outback.  The cities were in riots, though the infections obviously started in the larger places first.

We finally got to the Bowen turn off and needed to head north along Highway 1.  The Bruce Highway still had traffic, North Queensland was always forgotten about, I don’t know why I was a little surprised.  But I already experienced how things can change so quickly.  We passed a few highway patrols and they were not pulling people over for speeding.  We were doing 150km/hr up the track and the limit was 100km/hr.

We reached my brother’s house in 40 minutes since, we first hit the highway and John’s wife was just finishing tying down the trailer with the car running ready to go.  She was ready to head west to my uncle’s place, as previous planned for any disaster ranging from cyclones to fires.  John always thought ahead, he always taught his family that and he always taught me to.

“Jo! Thank god! Are you okay? How are the kids? Have you heard from John? Are…”

“Sean! Shut it!  We are okay, I haven’t heard from John yet.  You got 5 minutes to do your business and grab something to drink.  You look dehydrated.  Hello James.”  She looked over my shoulder at James.  We had all went to a barbecue years before.

“Hey Jo.  How are you handling it all?”

“Alright, very surreal.  How are you two?”

“A little confused, I got bit and John got kissed and Nori killed some dude.”

“Who is Nori?”  Asked Jo and the moment she finished she heard the boys laughing at the young indigenous kid pulling faces through the car window.  “Where did she come fr…? You got bit? Aren’t you supposed to be all zombie and stuff?”

James looked a little hesitant.  “Well, at the time I didn’t even know they were zombies, or whatever they were.  What we met were not typical zombies”

Jo looked to me, “Have you seen the news Sean?  The government are even calling them zombies.  The army is evacuating everyone to god knows where, we were about to leave to your uncles place.  You’re coming right?”

I looked two my two companions, “That’s why we are here, I’m the closest thing James has to family here in Oz, and Nori saved our life so I trust him a little more than most of my mate.”

We threw a few extra items into the back of my new car that Jo couldn’t fit into her Mazda 3 hatchback and keep my niece and nephews comfortable.  She shot me a proud look when she saw the nappies and wipes sitting in the back.  We noticed a few items missing which probably flew out as we were driving.

Jo refused to let any of the kids ride with us.  I understood a case of the whole mother protection thing.  She would give up everything for those kids.  John gives all the time he has spare to his family, he was forced to go on a holiday by Jo and me.  “You have earned a holiday, piss off already.”

So we cut through the back roads, away from highway and where there are one or two cars every 10 minutes… Until we got to the dirt road…

Not a vehicle in sight, I figured the people who lived off the road were bunked down and those that knew about it took the “safer” option of the highway not risking flat tyres.

We had to do 70km’s on the dirt so the Mazda didn’t bounce around the corrugated road and potholes, some which the Mazda could easily park in.  When we reached the small mining community of Ravenswood we were approached by three military vehicles waving us down.

“Where are you going sir?” the guy asked after being referred to by Jo.  I still can’t work out ranks by badges.

“Heading to my uncles place mate, got my kids to pick up.”  I lied.  I needed to, there are so many movies, so many procedures, so many guidelines that ensure the army does what it can to group evacuate people together.  By the looks of things, there was convoy already ready.

“Who’s that in the front vehicle?” he sounded like he was on to something already.

“My second wife mate, and three kidlets are mine to. Seven kids in total.  Bloody madhouse at Christmas.”

He looked to be processing it and I thought he accepted it. “Righto sir, move on.  Expect company out that way soon though.  If you can barricade yourselves in if we do not get to you first.  Keep to the back roads.” He winked to me. “and if you see John, tell him he owes me a slab of rum still.”

I found out a week later he was a good mate of John’s.  Frank his name is, An amazing bloke, great leader and can drink most of us under the table any time of the week.  Problem was though, it’s not exactly the type of meeting you expected, or truly wanted for that matter…

>> Officer Frank meets Richard

Archenemies From the Start <<                      


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  1. Sorry about that, wordpress does stupid things everytime it decides to do something new and improved….

    The order goes… (And if/when ya spot any mistakes please let me know)

    The Aussie Vs. The Infected
    Chapter 1. Archenemies From The Start

    Introducing Nori

    Officer Frank meets Richard

    The Arrivals

    Reliving the Moment


    Bikes, Boobs and Beer I

    Bikes, Boobs and Beer II

    Bikes, Boobs and Beer III

    The Siege & the Flight

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