The Siege & the Flight

A farm was surrounded by tens of thousands of zombies; they had a solid siege going.  The farmers had and held them off thus far, but the humans were running low on food supplies.  They relied on cattle, hunting and crops which were all cut off by the zombies, even birds were killed before they flew over the farm’s walls.  there had been human casualties, a few supers attempted to teleport in to meet their intended meals.  The supers who’d dared enter the farm were met with a much more brutal demise.

Outside the ring of zombies, the other farm inhabitants were using the land, fencing, traps and even lead injections to thin the numbers.  It seemed if they killed 300 in a day, the next day 500 took their place.  Ingenious makeshift slings and catapults had been constructed to launch debris, scrap shards and the occasional fuel bomb.

“They are depleting everyone’s supplies by sieging one farm.  They knew we’d all rally to support the other farms,”  Frank noted.  “As soon as they conquer that farm they will move onto the next,  They’ll keep doing so until we’re wiped out one by one.  I didn’t expect this number of zombies out this far,  has any farm had any contact with anyone on the outside?”.

Frank handed my cousin a carton of smokes to which he happily ripped it open, grabbed a pack, flicked out a cigarette and lit it with a disposable lighter.  He drew in a deep breath, it must have been a while since he had one.

“There are some  super humans in Western Australia working with a small group of survivors who call themselves ZPI.  They’re doing a good job of sending the infected back to hell.  Not sure who they are, but they seem organized enough to draw in groups of super zombies.  We spoke to a bloke named Luke Slash with ZPI.  He’s a conspiracy theorist nut, been preparing for this for years.  As it turns out he wasn’t a nut.”

“It does seem that way now,” said Frank.

“He reckons that the big boss of zombies is in Australia controlling all of this.  She took out a bikie gang all by herself a week ago.  They were a couple of hundred strong and armed to the teeth.  The Sergeant at Arms from the bikie gang is with ZPI now, he survived her attack by riding off a quarry edge.  No idea how he survived the fall.”

“They estimate since the outbreak in Oz, that they have killed a little over a hundred thousand.  We’ve only just broke seven thousand, if you add up all the farms body counts, so they must be doing something right.  We haven’t heard from them in six days though.  Before this stretch we’d managed to keep radio contact every second day, even if it’s a thirty-second check on each other.” My cousin dumped out his cigarette butt and relit a fresh one from the pack before he continued his report.

“So this is where you lot come in.”

Frank looked from him to me curiously.

“You’ve built yourselves a good little army here.  Our last refugee said you all planned to move very soon now that the resources from here are nearly used up.  So what we’ve been doing is building traps from the sieged farm to here, pits, tension traps, falling rocks, swinging branches, make shift caltrops and even smashed glass just strewn about.”

“I’m listening,” said Frank.

“Our aim is to draw them away with some super human bait over the traps and shit to kill or at least make them useless enough to kill easy.  We’ll be flanking them as they chase you and if it ends up in our favour, we can kill them all right then. If not we’ve thinned the numbers enough to know we can take them out when they return as you go your own way.  What ya reckon?”

Frank leant forward “I don’t think we have much of a choice, we are on a mission ourselves, and need to get on with that.  we need to leave here.  Many were going to goto the farms when we moved on anyway.  How many traps did you say you set?”

“Couple of hundred, some pits are deep enough to bury a windmill, some stretches of caltrop sections are a few hundred metres long.  And, we managed to get some quarrying machinery.”

My ears pricked at the mention of machinery.  “How big, what type and what spare supplies ya got?”  I sounded like a kid with a new Transformer toy.

The final decisions were made and after a bit of changing plans around.  We were going to finish a few things off, lend some additional support here and head out in two more days.

On the morning of ‘D-Day’, we got ourselves together an hour before dawn and drove the four hundred kilometres to the outskirts of the sieged farm.  The land definitely did take prisoners, all along the track we encountered zombies tangled in barbed wire fencing.  We killed the first hundred by pike to head, but eventually we decided to conserve our energy for the day’s battle and started passing by them, leaving them struggling in their wire prisons.

Two hours after sunrise, we stood down wind on a low rise in the landscape.  The horror before us put a lump in my throat.  There were fifty of us.  As I scanned the faces of the crowd, it was obvious they were uncomfortable with the fifty thousand  zombies arrayed out in front of us.

Nori was tucking her hair under her cap and adjusting the bandages she used to strap her feet, hands and chest, “No supers around this side Sean, but there are some here.  It’s hard to pinpoint among all this, its a lot like trying to hear one violin out of an orchestra.  Do you think we can actually make a dent in that mob?”

I looked to James, he had a better poker face then Frank.  The Jensen Twins looked like battle hardy soldiers.  Then i looked back to Nori, “Nah,” I said. “We will barely scratch their numbers.  All we need to do is draw most or all of them away so the humans in that farm can escape and move into something better, someplace self-sustaining.”

“Problem being though, when the supers realize that the other farms can last years, they may just rip out the barricades  holding out the dumb zombies.”  I gave Nori a wink and a genuine smile of reassurance.  “Though, what would I know?  I’m just a dumb miner.”

“Then I reckon I need to go collect some insurance, you mob try not to have too much fun without me.”  Nori had dropped her slang for a couple of weeks now, but some “Aussie-isms” remained.

Nori disappeared like she did many times before.  The Jenson Twins loaded themselves up into the Caterpillar 795 rear dump trucks.  James, Jason and I climbed the ladder into the Terex 3600.  The rest got into their designated four-wheel drives and motorcycles, ready to play zombie-bait.  We had just over thirty vehicles.

At noon, the first five pickups started drawing strings of undead from the massive horde of zombies.   We went back to an old school tactic, updated with some technological advances.  The five vehicles slowly drove by the zombies on the outer edge of the mob.  Twelve zombies peeled off the pack to follow the trucks.  The vehicles kept a safe distance and drew the zombies into a cross-fire of motorcycle riders.  The process was repeated until sundown, swapping out vehicles to ensure they kept a constant flow and were not damaging themselves.  A few times they all had to break into a faster retreat as extra zombie gave chase, which allowed the chasing zombies to spread thin and be taken down by a third team, made up of a rider and gunner mounted on quads, horses or motorcycles.

We had taken claimed over twenty-five hundred that first day, and we stopped all two hundred and eighty-eight straggling zombies wandering in.  The pit traps were all full of zombies, we lit them on fire with used oil and old aerosol cans as fuel.  The wells in that area would no longer be potable, tainted with infected blood in the underground streams.  Some of the pits were so full that a few zombies were able to scramble out.

The second day was even more successful; we hit them from six points. We brought out slingshots, bows, crossbows, slings and spears to save on ammunition.  By the end of the second day, we were getting pretty desperate.

“Sean, the horses are exhausted, and we’ve used every stone, log, branch and carcass we can find, and its not enough,” said Frank, about mid afternoon when we stopped to get a drink and wolf down some sort of dried food.

“What about cows?” I asked.

“I don’t think the catapults will launch a cow,” he replied.

“I was thinking stampede,” I said.

“Awfully big price to pay.”

“Its a big risk, but if the humans die, the cows won’t matter anyway,” I replied.

That afternoon, we allowed the horses to rest.  We gathered every head of cattle by motorcycle and ran a stampede through the middle of a paddock of infected that seemed the thickest.  Dust rose hundreds of feet in the air behind the herd, the mooing and snorting of the pack as they ran was thunderous.  The bikes whipped the herd into a frenzy, and ran them straight into the middle of the zombies.  It was a gruesome sight, bits of zombie flew in the air when the wall of beef hit them, but the cows weren’t strong enough to push all the way through.  Just when we thought the cows and bulls had come to a stop to become zombie burgers, they kicked, bucked, rammed and stomped their attackers and approximately a third of the cattle had made back out the other side uninjured.

We estimated over ten thousand zombies were killed that day, but it was a huge price to pay for the eight lives we lost, including a cousin of mine.  Some of those that died had gotten over confident, and some panicked at the wrong moment and they were slaughtered, torn apart by the undead.  Either way, the loss was unacceptable.

We were not sure how many more things the farm has to throw at the zombies, but on occasion we do happen to see them launch something, we haven’t been counting their contribution to the removal of the ‘un’ from the undead.  We simply scored our own kills to keep our own morale up.

Since we were running low on ammunition we constructed slings from tractor tire tubes that night.  They were large enough and sturdy enough to launch  anything solid weighing less than eighty kilograms, and we found quite a few things flew differently through the air.  A tail shaft from a Volk Wagon Beetle, for example, would spin at a diagonal and manage to not lose momentum until it bounce off the earth, no matter how many infected it crushed.  It actually seemed to keep quite a few teams amused finding different items to use.  My favourite item to watch was a tire.  It would land in the mob and bounce quite some distance before ricocheted in a different direction and then proceeded to bounce in different direction knocking over a few infected before settling and creating a trip hazard for the stumbling brain dead.

The third day was breaking point.  We expected the supers to intervene.  It seemed like a simple plan at the time, but looking back on it, I have to admit Frank is a bloody genius.  We had vehicles criss-crossing paths to split zombies up in chases putting all our cars, pickups, motorbikes, quads and horses to use.  We rounded every cow, goat, sheep and what kangaroos we could heard and drove them towards the horde of zombies.  I heard what kangaroos could do when cornered, but I never expecting them to rip rib cages open.  It drove a gap right through to the seiged farm before every last animal was slaughtered.  I heard a large cry ring through my head, and the remaining zombies closed the gap as quickly as they could, tripping and stumbling over their dead.

We had a collection of vehicles that were no longer serviceable; sedans, tractors, a few semi trucks.  We had them lined up on the north-eastern hill and put the lot of them twenty meters apart, locking the steering wheels with, you guessed it, steering wheel locks.  We threw out the idea of loading them up with explosive materials, deciding to use them for something a little more fun.  We released the brakes one by one in a line to prevent them from crashing into one another the first eight vehicles hit the crowd close to seventy kilometers per hour driving in five zombies deep for the sedans, and close to around fifteen deep for the semi-trucks.  The remaining vehicles were stopped short of the crowd, like they hit a brick wall.

The first of the supers had finally showed, and he was a goliath.  He stood seven and a half foot tall and had shoulders wider then the sedan he first stop.  His success at stopping the remaining seventeen vehicles was short lived, his unlife ended by a catapulted tailshaft to the back of the head and I couldn’t stop laughing for five minutes.

“EEEEEEAAAAAATTTT,”  the chorus rang out.   Just one zombie would of been nothing but a murmor, but the mass groaning in unison echoed for miles.

We didn’t expect so many to run so fast.  The horde thinned and narrowed, chasing three hundred people on all modes of transport.  Those on horses had to abandon their mounts and rush into waiting vehicles.  We we left freshly fueled vehicles to swap into at our way-point.  Somewhere in the dash to the waypoint we lost thirty people.  I have no idea how, no-one saw anything, and our trucks were the last to leave.  We made sure that no waiting vehicle was left behind.

The twins, James and I drove out in two large trucks.  We lagged behind everyone else, running the trucks at their maximum of fifty kilometers per hour.  The quarry must of limited the engines; last time I drove one of these it peaked at eighty-five.  Zombies were catching up to us; it was time to have fun with our explosives.

James climbed to the top of the rear tub and one of the twins in the other truck followed suit.  Each lit three flares and threw them into the tub, quickly climbing back down into the cab. In a matter of seconds, dark grey smoke billowed from the rear of the trucks, causing us to lose site of the zombies.  We’d filled the tubs with tires, and topped them off with empty aerosols, sump oil, empty propane tanks, spoilt petrol and diesel, and finished off with anything that was flammable and no longer useful.  Things were starting to heat up.

“Ya really think ya addition is gonna make a dent?” James was nervous.

“Mate, I’ve seen what these things can do when the burn, they fly pretty far.”   As if on cue, the first large explosion rocked the back of the truck.  Sparks and shards of metal flew out the back.  I radioed to the twins.  “Dump ’em!”

We hit the overide buttons and raised the tubs, as the burning mass was sent bouncing down the road following us, more explosions rang out.

“Split rim tires will do decent damage mate.”  The second pickup wheel blew sending the metal, rubber and the ring flying out cutting the mass on our heals. “Wait for it…”

I don’t think the word “KABOOM” really covers the sound of a mine trucks tire blowing.  The intitial sound blew the zombies ten feet away as they ran past the burning tire. “HAH!” James exclaimed “The explosion wiped every undead prick running past it!”

I nearly panicked as the ring of the mine tire flew past the left hand drive truck.

James sat back in his seat and said, “You must of been one wicked little barstard as a child to come up with some of the shit you do.”

I laughed, “As a child?  You should see the stuff I  into now.”  I was pointing to a zombie keeping up with the truck, running through the scrub, jumping and weaving over the obstacles in it’s way.  Time slowed again, it was something I could switch on and off when it wasn’t instinctive now, and I tried every oppurtunity to test the limits.  I slowed it down enough to be able to see the zombie decide whether to go left or right with two or three hard steps before deciding.

She reminded me of the zombie Emily, feline prancing and bounding through the bushland. Left around the white gum, leapt over a gully, launched herself over a log with one hand, followed by a quick one footted jump off a iron-bark tree to dodge a thistle shrub and keeping the speed.  She could move faster then she was travelling now, she had to be able to keep within the quarter glass of my truck the whole time.  I slowed time to a near stand still, I could feel the revolutions of the truck’s engine beat like a heart.  I saw her face, that wild blonde hair was floating in the air behind her full of twigs, leaves, bark and dirt, her natural lips paled against cheeks.

She turned and looked at the cab, if she were human she would of only seen the reflection of the polarised tint on the windows.  But she was a zombie and I couldn’t tell what she saw when the green on black eyes stared back at me, a slight smile crossed her eyes creasing the lines around her eyes.  She was 2 years older than me, she had no respect for herself before (and after) she was zombified.  She was named Tina, she was John’s ex-girlfriend and he was gonna be pissed off when I tell him.

Tina darted thrity feet in front of the truck I was driving and seemed to slow a little and speed up a little.  “Fucking bitch is pulling the old insurance scam on us… Watch the mirrors mate.”

“There’s one right up behind us,” said James.  “And one to the left running at the same speed”

I knew the plan.  The front zombie distracts the driver.  The second zombie cuts in close so I hit the brakes and the last zombie would jump onto the back of the truck.  If it were a car it would slam into the rear and claim damages to the vehicle and health.  She slowed down once again, I had just dumped close to one hundred and fifty tonne of burning waste off the back of the truck and I push the accelorator as hard as I could imagining it to be crushed against the floor, time resumed to normal.  The second zombie cut in front just as I did and like a canetoad on the highway, he ‘popped’ under the tires and was left as a pancake over the bitumen road.

Tina turned and jumped straight up where she stood, getting enough hieght to land on the stairs that lead to the platform and cab of the truck and with a loud clunk, she climbed slowly up the stairs purposely keeping behind as many rails as she possibly could, dissalowing James  to get a clear shot at her head.  I jammed on the brakes harder then I did with the accelorator and she flew forward over the top of the stair railings.  Time slowed and I saw Tina turn in mid air ready to catch James who was about to peak over the rail of the truck, a thunk was heard at the back of the truck.  Tina pulled out a crude knife that looked like a metal blade with shark teeth as it’s cutting edge as James had just passed the rails of the platform, when Tina realized James wasn’t moving any further.  He was tethered and anchored to not fall off the top of the stairs, but on an angle he could fall, or in this case fly, over the rail on other parts of the truck.  As she let out a scream that would make a harpy sound like a choir girl, a black puff appear.  It was the first time I paid attention to their teleporting mist, smoke, dust or whatever it is.  Originally I thought is started from the center and appeared outwards expanding the form of the teleporter, but upon seeing it much slower the usual, the center was only noticed more due the mass of the body being central.  The black fog of teleportation appeared all at once shaping the figure like a gimp suit, then as the person materlialized in their new location the blackness swirled and danced in the air for a few moments before disapating in the air.  The same worked backwards, black fog gimp suit, dissapeared, swirling leftovers.

“Where the fuck she go?” I screamed!  James replied “I dunno, but you cut the one behind us in half on the back of the tub, hang on, it looks like its trying to heal.  I’m gonna go kill it.”

“Just put a bullet in it, stay close together, if I lose this truck, we’re both going to have to run.  I need you here mate.  Thoughts?”

“They didn’t expect you to do what you did cheif.”  He was holding his ribs as he spoke, later we found he had cracked two of them and they healed unevenly, so we had to have Kiwi to rebreak them to set the properly later on.

“Nah shit, Sherlock.”

“They get scared, they are not afraid of anything, until their actual life is going to be ended immently mate.  I think I worked out that they don’t retain any of the personality of their host, but they do keep the hosts memories.  And of course, they turn evil and all.  She didn’t like the idea of being run over by a truck large enough to flatten a bank.”

“A bank eh?”  I knew how to throw the zombies off, hopefully, for enough time to swap out our third mode of transportation for this afternoon.  “NO SEAN!” I head James yell, we had spoken about it many times before.  What better way to put a carjacker on his backfoot?  Crash into a bank or a police station and I was aiming for the bank.  James practically ripped the door off when he got my attention.  “No Sean.”  We are parked to far away from the bank, we are going to have to drive straigh to the airport”

“Are you nuts?  Mate, if time serves me right, that plane would be in the air in ten minutes.”

“You lied!  We are not going home!”  I green tinge started to appear on his skin as he accused me.

“Mate, settle the fuck down,” I said as calmly as I coud.  “I didn’t lie, I am just hoping Frank’s dreams weren’t leaving anything out.  Our two arch-enemies have been be very predictable.”

“You take a lot of chances Sean, it becomes troublesome at times.  Sooner or later it’ll bite you on the ass.”

“You fell asleep during the meeting agian didn’t ya?  Righto, all we gotta do is stay alive and keep moving north east.  We got spare cars near the bank.”

“But why do you want to crash the truck into a bank?”

“Oh, it’s the quickest way to stop.  We’re strapped in and braced, it’s not gonna hurt to much.  It’s going to bruise, pretty much like hitting one of the bunds back at work, just a big jolt.  You would think the bank has sturdy enough walls,  and I can’t bring myself to ram the heritage pub.  Besides, I’ve always wanted to try to run over a building in one of these things, when else in my life am I going to have a chance?  The apocalypse is about living, Mate!”

“What’s the saying here?  ‘Fair enough’ ”

We continued to lighten the mood as we drove, our next step was to ram the bank.  The twins were well ahead ready to aim head first into the pub.  We kept the radio chatter minimal in case others were trying to talk on the waves.

As we approached Longreach once again we were unable to make it past the first block of industrial estate.  A loud metal scrape rang out “Shit” I looked down at the fuel gauge and it was dropping fast.  Another muffled scrape followed and I looked over to see the Jensen Twins in the same situtation.

I radioed to put the vehicle into neutral after the first splutter of the engine thirsty for the lost fuel.  We coasted and I could feel the road through the truck, the bumps, the loose gravel from the recently paved roads, and the intermitent center road reflector.  After three hundred meters of shutting the engines down we slowed to a stop, applied the push button park brakes and release the hydraulics for the front stairs and got the hell out of the vehicles as fast as we could.

“Fuck!” I cursed.  “I really wanted to make it to the bank.”

With a bag strapped to our backs, a gun in the hand, and a few bits and pieces strapped to us here and there, we took off down the road at a relaxed jogging pace.  The town had improved in it’s defences in the four days we were gone, whole area’s had been blockaded to herd zombies through  the middle of town, not allowing access to the side streets or alleys.  Any wandering zombies would just keep going through town, following the path of least resistance.

The police scanner crackled to life in the firestation as we walked through the doors “Farm inhabitants cleared, other farms have evacuated to the two central located farms with full supplies and remaining beast.  Guys, if your hearing this, get out, there were more coming in by the masses in attempt to flank you guys.  They diverted after hundreds of explosions were heard in you direction.  Sean… Frank…  We are set for life here, if anything can get to us there is fuck all you can do anyway.  You’ve done your part in saving this small chunk of land, there is nothing else for you to save.  Go save yourselves and your redeem your souls gents, tell your teams that we owe them our lives.”

“How did the vehicles get back?” James queried.

“Cut through the farms until just north of Jericho and done the same heading north until the hit our farm and that other big barstard.”

“Welcome back boys.” We spun around to find Anita and Sarah with guns aimed at the twins.  “There normal” James answered, the ladies lowered their firearms and hugged the boys.  “Nori?” I sounded worried.

“Not here, Jason is in the air now heading to that army base Frank says doesn’t exist and you say you broke into a few years ago and got a charge that doesn’t exist.  How are we going to meet them their Sean?  Frank said something about a new mode of transportation.”

“He was right.  Okay, Frank and I combined a few of our ideas, with his military training and my mispent youth, we think we got it nutted out.  How many of us are there left?”

“Us four and Frank, if Nori isn’t with you.”  That hit me hard, there was thirty of us that should be here, my knees nearly buckled.  Was it my fault these people didn’t make it?  We all discussed the plan and made sure that everyone put in their two cents worth, voted, replanned and revoted.  Who didn’t speak up and tell us something we might be missing?  We knew there would be losses, but we ensured that distance was kept to minimize it.  The other missing men lead the other teams, they had their orders, and and would of rode last, sacrificing themselves before they let anything happen to their team members, like the Jensen Twins, James and I did.  Did we survive alongside Frank and the ladies because we had the trucks?  Everyone had their own quirk in their escape, this was not on me, I wasn’t leading these men, I was fighting by their side.

Frank burst though the back door “They are here!  Where the fuck is Nori we need her to tell us which ones can teleport.”

“We are travelling by teleportation?? Are you fucking mad?” Sarah broke her usual ‘all business’ style and she always tried so hard to maintain it.

“No, it’s a great idea.” James said “The mad part is, they expect the zombies to do it for us.”  No matter what, James always knew what page I was on, we always had each others back.

“What we are doing is illimintating the threat that will not stop following us.  They’ll never stop coming after us.  You always have the choice to leave, I am bound by my word to get my brothers family to him.  You might not think it’s something to live by, but the only thing I have ever had was family.”

I rested my hand on James’ shoulder acknowledging my adopted brother.  “And the only thing that has ever kept going was the word of my loved ones and my promises to them.  Your expecting a great pep talk?  This is all I have, this is what my life entails, you can make your own paths, mine is written until I ensure my promise has been made good.”  James patted me on the back as everyone looked down towards their shoes.  They had no reason to continue, all they had was orders and even the orders had no final outcome.

“We give better speaches to our ranks.”  I spun around to see Emily and Richard standing in front of twenty or so super zombies.  I recognized one, one of our own, he helped build some of Longreach, he knew our safe house locations here, but not the farms.  He dropped with a hole in his head, I didn’t need to turn around to see who fired the shot and both lines held their position.  “That was my promise to my men, Sean.  Let’s keep our promises.”  Frank’s voice was dry and monotone, battle mode.

“As I was saying.” Emily looked up from the fresh laid corpse “You could at least try and think of something a little more inspiring, you are in the middle of an invasion and your losing badly I might add.”

“Really?  I figured we had some pretty good progress today, I mean four hundred men and women just did take out fifty thousand zombies.”

“Sixty… But you think that really made a difference in the long term?  There are millions of us in Australia, hundreds of millions world wide.  There are twenty four of us here facing the last five people that remain in this dried up town.  You can still join us, but I know that your not going to accept.”

I honestly never thought I would get sick of banter, that I would ever stop enjoying the insults.  That bitch was just so annoying.  It was so bad that I just wanted to rip off her tongue with a a pair of searing pliers.  I was done, and after the many conversations I had with a four year old kid and finally talking to my brother the other day, then last night, I had a whole new motor driving me, I was working a new level.  I had seen the stories of my brothers past, he had seen mine, I found me and my brother had the same thought processes, he just knew when to keep his mouth shut.  Most of the time.  This time, I’m keeping my mouth shut.  My eyes watching the dust rise, my ears hearing the foot steps, the breathing, the thunderous heartbeats.

“Cat got your tongue Sean?” She was playing coy, I just gave the thousand mile stare.  “Sean, this is your final moment, you have nothing to say?”

Richard stepped forward, held his hand out and an electric surge sparked between his fingers and palm.  He placed his hand on my chest before anyone had the chance to react.  My heart felt like it was constantly jump starting, my inside felt like they were cooking, my brain was frying, my muscles were fully tensed.  Time slowed in what I thought were my final moments, I was wrong.  My heart was beating faster increasing my blood flow throughout my body and my insides were keeping up, increasing my metabolism.  My brain was working in overdrive allowing me to see, hear, feel and smell much more and process it like I had studied the moment for weeks.  I fought againt the tensed muscled between each spasm and managed to hold Richards arm.  He pushed harder against me thinking I wanted to pull him away, his first mistake.

I pulled his palm tight against my chest smelling the combination of cotton and polyester in the old workshirt I wore.  I tried sucking in the power he had, all I could feel was a charge building inside me and my muscles tensing harder.  Richard tried pulling away, my arms wouldn’t allow it, they were as set in their place like concrete.  I felt a tinge as he tried to stop shocking me and I felt a vacuum build  where his  palm rested and his electricity surged from his core flowing into my body until there was none left to take.

He stepped back confused and infuriated.  He lunged towards me aiming at my throat.  On contact I felt the charge relocate itself to where he grabbeda hold of me and bursted out, launching Richard agains the brick wall.  His arm was blown into a charred stump, just below the elbow.  I walked up to his limp body and stomped his head with the bottom of my foot.  My boot left it’s blue heeler brand imprint in his skull.

A small army men and women appeared behind the twenty-four remaining zombies.  Nori was among the ranks, each holding a boomerang in one hand.  The spears appeared once they were sticking through the small group of zombies, not one teleportation swirl appeared, not one zombie stood a chance.

I stared at Richard, he was my means of transportation, I was going to be his bargaining chip against my brother, and my companions were to be dropped off safely at the encampment as a sign of goodwill and trust.  They didn’t know I could talk to my brother, the kid I connected through had learnt to hide the connection.

Nori stepped out of the crowd. “Sorry it took so long, it takes a bit to walk from the farms to here.”  She smiled and gave James a hug, she looked so small and fragile against his large frame, but when I got my hug, I could feel the definition in her muscles, I could feel the power running inside her.

“Sean, how are we suppose to get there now?” Frank was pissed for two reasons, the first was we just lost our mode of transportation.  The second he had planned on killing Richard himself.  To think of it, it was a great let down, I was beginning to looking forward to the fight, test out a few things.  Nori had the answer for Frank “Check this!”

The world blackened all around us, the air from my lungs was sucked out of me and my sense of direction was thrown off.  Actually all my senses went numb, it was like I was in a nothingness.  Then suddenly I was thrown against the backwall of the plane.  “About fucking time Sean” I looked up to Jo with the kids sleeping along the seats.  “We stopped in that place in the Torres Straight for six bloody hours, but finally we had to leave.”

“Six hours??  How fucking fast is this thing.”

“Sean, it’s been four days since we left Longreach.  We are one day out from California.  Where the hell have you been?”

“Apparently lost in time.”  I looked arround. Six protectors of John’s family stood strong.  When I get to the United States, I am going to owe a four year old kid a favor as big as I owed my brother.  He says I need to help his dad, I guess I better concentrate on working out how to make sure they can get to us first.  Knowing John and what I have learnt from his memories about Max’s Uncle, they got something big heading our way.  I’ve got a bottle of whisky bet happening at the moment, I reckon we’ll have to save them.  Good thing James has never lost a bet in his life though.

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4 thoughts on “The Siege & the Flight

    • To out this into perspective, I’m gonna have to tell you an upcoming side story from Nori’s point of view.

      What Sean percieved to be time, was him knocked the hell out. Sean is a character which really, really, just accepts life as it changes and adapts. Which has brought him more trouble in the past compared to the new world.

      He did find out later in his travels throughout Europe and Asia that he was unconscience from James, when he raises a question.

      Four days is one hell of a story, and one major thrashing of the english language.

  1. I am having a hard time with the side stories from the Aussie vs the Infected. I believe that they are out of order. Can you please tell me what order they should be in? It seems that I am skipping around and reading the last first. Please help me out here. Thank you

  2. Sorry about that, wordpress does stupid things everytime it decides to do something new and improved….

    The order goes… (And if/when ya spot any mistakes please let me know)

    The Aussie Vs. The Infected
    Chapter 1. Archenemies From The Start

    Introducing Nori

    Officer Frank meets Richard

    The Arrivals

    Reliving the Moment


    Bikes, Boobs and Beer I

    Bikes, Boobs and Beer II

    Bikes, Boobs and Beer III

    The Siege & the Flight

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