What Zombies Fear 3: The Gathering

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  1. Recharge
  2. Purpose
  3. Sean
  4. Train Yard
  5. Conundrum

What Zombies Fear: The Gathering is now only $3.99 on Amazon!




14 thoughts on “What Zombies Fear 3: The Gathering

    • I’m actually writing right now. By way of excuse for not posting so much, I haven’t been in my own house except 2 nights since early December. My work schedule has been insane, and the holidays kicked my ass. Things are supposed to calm down a hair this week, although I’m still out of town. Next week I’m back at home for a while, and hope to pick back up. With this long out of writing ‘practice’ it might take me a little bit to get back in the groove, but its coming, I promise.

  1. Your stories are great 🙂

    I started reading them last week . I hope my work will be good as yours . I’m still working with my chapter 2 , i hope you will read it too hehe

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