What Zombies Fear

Introducing a unique way to tell a story

Each dot is a complete series, a full story.
In addition, each series gives the reader more information about the world, and the events that lead up to The Incarnation.
One reader might start with The Book of Kris.  Another might start with LEGION.  A third might start with The Incarnation, before going back to read the What Zombies Fear “prequels”.  The universe is yours to explore as you’d like!

See below image for more details

The What Zombies Fear Universe

The What Zombies Fear Universe

What Zombies Fear

  • A father’s Quest
  • The Maxists
  • The Gathering
  • Fracture
  • Declaration of War


  • Vanessa Ridolfi  (Coming Soon)
  • Oppression (Working Title, summer 2015)
  • The Marshal (Working Title, Fall 2015)

The Book of Kris

The Incarnation

  • Alignment (Working title, Projected Spring 2014)
  • Retribution (Working Title, Projected Fall 2014)
  • The Destroyer of Worlds (Working Title, Projected Winter 2015)

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